Capturing Dreams and Memories: My Journey through Exhibitions

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Embarking on the journey of exhibitions has been a rare and cherished experience for me, a photographer who sees beyond the lens to convey literary and psychological messages. Today, I am excited to share the story of my exhibitions, a series of transformative moments that have shaped my artistic expression.

1. Rêverie, Songes de la nuits (July 2011) at Le Bon Marche, Paris

In the heart of Paris, at the renowned Le Bon Marche, my inaugural exhibition, Rêverie, Songes de la nuits“, unfolded in July 2011. Unlike a conventional showcase of pure photographic technique, my work is a fusion of art and storytelling. This series delves into the psychological realms of childhood, weaving together literary essence and Japanese nursery rhymes.

The distinctiveness of my work lies in the pairing of two photographs, a deliberate choice to harmonize the portrait of a child with their environment. This method, coupled with a preference for a slightly unstable color tone, creates a realistic yet dreamlike atmosphere. Notable in this collection is a captivating photo capturing a little boy playing with the shadow of a monster in his room— a personal favorite. This evocative image invites viewers to reminisce about childhood fears, connecting with the mysterious and magical nature of the night.


2. Home Sweet Home, Rentrer à la maison (February 2015) at Le Bon Marche, Paris

Returning to Le Bon Marché in February 2015 with “Home Sweet Home, Rentrer à la maison“, my exhibition continued to explore the intersection of photography and emotion. This time, the focus shifted to the concept of home, creating an immersive experience that resonated with visitors on a personal level. The collection featured a unique blend of two distinct yet harmonious elements—origami and landscape pictures. Each image within this captivating assortment seamlessly wove together the delicate artistry of origami with the timeless beauty of landscapes, resulting in a visual narrative that transcended conventional boundaries.

The images of this collection stand as a testament to the intricate fusion of craftsmanship and nature, where the meticulous folds of origami figures intertwine gracefully with the captivating allure of diverse landscapes. This intentional juxtaposition serves to evoke a profound sense of connection and nostalgia, as viewers find themselves drawn into a world where the familiar and the imaginative come together harmoniously.

The juxtaposition of origami and landscapes within these images aims to convey the idea that the concept of “home” extends beyond the physical structures we inhabit. It is a dynamic interplay between the tangible and the intangible, the crafted and the organic. Whether it be the serenity of a tranquil meadow folded into the contours of an origami bird or the vibrant energy of a bustling cityscape captured within the folds of a paper crane, each piece encapsulates the essence of what “home” means to the beholder.

flying origami butterflies over a rainbow
Origami pink flamingos

3. Love: Group Exhibition (July 2023) at Noho m55 Gallery in NY

Fast forward to July 2023, where I participated in a group exhibition titled “Love” at the Noho m55 Gallery in New York. This collaborative showcase celebrated the universal theme of love, offering a diverse array of perspectives and artistic expressions.

Origami pink flamingos
Bonji art: Lakshmi
Flowers on unicorn sky background

While I regret not capturing images of these exhibitions, I am immensely grateful to Le Bon Marche for championing emerging artists and to Mr. Benoit for overseeing the exhibitions. My sincere thanks also extend to the patrons who embraced my work, transforming it into shared experiences and memories. Through my art, I hope to provide viewers with a nostalgic journey, an opportunity to rediscover the hidden emotions and delicate feelings of their inner child. As my exhibitions continue to evolve, each moment becomes a testament to the power of photography as a medium for storytelling and connection.

Portrait of a Japanese photographer

Written by Momi

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