Family pictures

Capture your most memorable moments in the unique city of Paris with a professional photographer and create memories that will last forever.

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic city in the world and has always been an endless source of inspiration for numerous photographers.

From famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum to the picturesque cobblestone streets of Montmartre, Paris is full of beautiful places to capture family special moments, whether you are in Paris on holidays or you wish to celebrate a special occasion .


Photoshoot Locations in Paris

To help you plan your photoshoot in Paris, here are the locations in Paris I would recommend for a fun and memorable family photo session!

How I work

1. Contact

After you have reached me through the booking contact form, for the efficiency of the photoshoot practice and for making your photo shooting experience fantastic, please read carefully the terms & conditions I will send you and send me back a signed copy for approval. We will both keep the same copies. I will then begin to work on by sending you some questions about your family.

2. Consulting and exchange of ideas

Once I receive your answer, we may exchange some ideas about your photo session.

3. Pre-booking fee

Once we all agree on the details of the photo session (date, time, location, preferences), I kindly ask 30 percent of the total cost as a pre-booking fee.

Clients can have options for payment: Bank transfer, Paypal or Lydia.

Usually it may be done 1 month ahead (2 weeks is maximum).


Happy customers

Since we usually don’t take pictures, it was a very good opportunity for us a professional photographer took our family picture. It was a big advantage that we don’t have to think about a location, composition of the picture, posing by asking her.

She knows better than us. We were so lucky to have a beautiful weather in our photo-shooting. Thank you so much!


We wanted to take a nice souvenir of London with us and decided to go for a family photo shooting with Momi. Momi had carefully selected nice spots in advance; the session was very pleasant even with young children. Momi is very dedicated to her work and the pictures look amazing. Thanks a lot Momi.


I had my photo taken at a place that I have fond memories of, and it became a great memory of my life in Paris. I have shown the album to my relatives and they are very happy with it!


The shooting day was cold and the weather was very nice. I arrived a long time late for the meeting time, but Ms. Momi and her assistant’s son gave me professional support, and I was able to start shooting smoothly. My 5-year-old son smiled very nicely with the help of Momi’s son. I’m happy that Momi-san took a quick photo of it and left a very good photo. I’m glad that you could leave a photo of your memories of a fun family outing. After shooting, I chose three of my favorite photos and made them into an album, which made me feel very excited about the wonderful and luxurious finish. Thank you very much. Thank you again.


Shooting is done in a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end so that children will not get bored

Momi brought me various accessories.

I like the soft and bright photo as desired.


My daughter and I had a fantastic time in Paris. Photo session with Momi is super fun!


We had a great family photo session in Hampstead Heath, surrounded by grass and trees. Momi Crouzet has been terrific at making the best of the scenery and the light. We have been extremely happy with the result, definitely the best family portrait we have had.

I recommend her strongly!


My daughter and I had a memorable album in Paris shot by Momi. It’s a family photo time far beyond imagination, and while being photographed, it’s most while exchanging conversations between parents and children, such as “The taste of the apple pie I ate here is nostalgic” and “When will I be here next?” Also, I was glad that I was praised for the good expression when I proceeded with the shooting while relaxing. When I received the finalized photos, the whole family was deeply moved by saying, “What a wonderful thing! It’s a wonderful moment when it’s shining and shining!” After all, if the person is relaxed, I think that everything will appear in the pictures. Unless you are an experienced photographer, Momi, you will not be able to finish this.


Photo Session Packages

Contact me and book your Paris photo session:

1 HOUR  350€

  • 1 location
  • 2 – 5 family members
  • 5 edited photos
  • Access to all the original photos

2 HOURS  450 €

  • up to 2 locations
  • 2 – 5 family members
  • 10 edited photos
  • Access to all the original photos


A 15% discount will be applied on your family photo session package for any stay booked in our Paris apartment located in the heart of the Marais area.

Discover the apartment


  • The venue

The date, time and location will be decided over consultation with the customers. Duration of one photoshoot is about 1 hour or 2 hours. Customers can choose different locations (from the proposed menu.)

  • Rates and Fees

Fees include the photoshoot practice and the finishing service such as retouching and special gifts of each campaign. 

The Photographer sends a link to overview, download the selected pictures. 

Album printing cost will be incurred as an option. Those services are completed by a professional company chosen by the Photographer and normally takes 2 weeks. The complete work will be either posted or directly handed to the customer.

  • All packages above do not include outfits, costumes, entrance or location fee, meals or any other personal expenses

  • Pre-booking fee

Customers are requested to pay 30% of the total estimate cost as a deposit within 1 week  from the date of the signed form.

  • Balance payment

The balance of the complete package price must be paid by the day of photo session

  • Cancellation

Customer can cancel the booked photo shoot by noticing. Cancelation fee will be incurred as the following:

If the notice is made:

7-14 days prior to the booked date 50% of total estimate;

6-3 days 70% of total estimate;

2-0 day(s) 100% of total estimate.

Deposit will not be reimbursed unless the notice is made prior to 1 month or longer. 

Some conditions will be taken into consideration such as sickness or injury occurred to the object person(s) of the photo shoot.  In such cases, if the re-booking date is moved to anytime in 2 weeks from the original date, cancellation fee won’t be incurred.

  • Re-booking 

Once Customer decides to cancel the booked photoshoot, please notify the photographer as soon as possible and be clear for the re-booking.

  • Emergency and Accident during the photoshoot

If Photographer’s resources are damaged by the customer’s family members or pets when the photo shoot was held at Customer’s place, the photographer can request Customer to reimburse the damage. The reimbursement should be completed within 1 week from the date of the invoice for repair. Unless otherwise in 1 week, further 20% will be charged over the original repair price.

  • Cancellation of a booking by the photographer

In case Photographer needs to cancel a booked photo shoot due to her illness or injury, Customer will be notified at once. Alternative dates will be discussed shortly.

  • Credit for Photographer’s promotion activities

The Photographer is allowed to use images taken at the shoot for her promotion activities unless otherwise the customer forbids. 

  • Secrecy of Customer information

The photographer promises to keep the customer’s information confidential regarding the use of images for any of her commercial purposes.