Bonji Flower Art

soothing art for your soul and your interior

This work Lakshmi was exhibited at M55 Gallery in New York in 2023.

The shape of this mysterious pressed flower is Sanskrit. Each piece is shaped like the first letter of a god’s name.

In Esoteric Buddhism, it is said that if you chant the mantra 1008 times while looking at this symbolic character, your wish will come true.

As for the explanation of the image, Goddess Lakshmi is famous as the goddess of beauty, wealth, and good fortune, and in ancient scrolls, she is depicted in human form, standing on a lotus floating in water. It is.

Regarding the technical aspects of photography, I worked this into two parts, photographing the pressed flowers and the background separately, and then combining them. So to speak, the scroll is minimalistic, but since we have never seen the real goddess herself, I think this expression is also valid.

Feng-shui wall art: Rakushumi


Flowers on unicorn sky background


Feng Shui Wall Art: Benzaiten